Employment, insurance and finances

Osteoporosis can have a more far-reaching impact, beyond your body shape and leisure activities. There are other practicalities, such as employment and financial matters, that can be affected.

This page covers some of the most-common practical concerns for people living with osteoporosis. If you need advice and guidance on an issue not listed here, please contact our free osteoporosis Helpline.

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Employment and osteoporosis

If you’ve been told you have osteoporosis, it’s quite likely you’ll be wondering what this means for you in the workplace. You may be feeling worried or anxious and, if you have had fractures, you may be in pain.

Our employment and osteoporosis factsheet aims to answer all the questions you may have about working after an osteoporosis diagnosis, such as whether you should tell your employer, you rights as an employee, and how you can stay safe and avoid breaking a bone in the workplace.

Download the employment and osteoporosis factsheet

Travel insurance for osteoporosis

Can getting travel insurance be a problem if you have osteoporosis? Do I need to let my insurance company know that I have low bone density?

If you are planning a holiday, you may be wondering how your osteoporosis might affect your travel insurance, and what measures you need to put in place to make sure you are full covered, should you be unlucky enough to experience a broken bone whilst you are away.

Download the travel insurance factsheet

Financial help after fractures

As osteoporosis does not cause any pain or symptoms, it does not automatically qualify as a disability. However, if you are experiencing persistent pain, a change in posture and problems getting around resulting from fractures, this may then entitle you to benefits.

Our financial help after fractures factsheet is designed to answer all the questions you may have about the state benefit system in relation to your osteoporosis, such as what you may be entitled to and how you can apply.

Download the financial help after fractures factsheet