Apply to be a Research Grants Committee

The National Osteoporosis Society is currently looking to recruit one or more lay members to sit on the Research Grants Committee who will represent the views of people with osteoporosis. The committee aims to reflect a fair balance of experience and scientific disciplines, with views from all members given equal weighting.

The whole experience has been educational and uplifting - the latter due to the realisation that so many researchers are working tirelessly to improve the lives and prospects of people affected by osteoporosis nationwide - Cheryl Dolder

The position is offered on a voluntary unpaid basis, but any travelling expenses will be reimbursed.

How to Apply

To apply please submit a completed application form to Dr Caroline Sangan, Strategic Development Manager at or National Osteoporosis Society, Camerton, Bath, BA2 0PJ.

Closing date for applications: Friday 13th January 2017.

As a Lay Member you will

  • Represent the views of people with osteoporosis as the Charity makes decisions on research strategy
  • Assess and discuss applications for research funding received by the Charity, from the perspective of someone affected by osteoporosis
  • Help to ensure the research projects proposed are important and are exploring benefits that would make a difference to people affected by osteoporosis.
  • As someone affected by osteoporosis, your knowledge and experience will provide a unique and valuable perspective